The Kawanishi H8K2 flying boat

This was the first model I built as an adult. I didn't do too badly, but I didn't know about using white glue to attach the clear parts. I didn't know about masking the clear parts and airbrushing them. I also didn't know about using setting solution with decals or using sprull for rigging. I have another kit salted away so that I can try this again when I have some more skills. This model is from Hasegawa in 1/72. The model is pretty good, including features such as flaps. However, the turrets have no detail and are pretty inaccurate according to the photos. There is a strange gap in the bottom of the hull that I filled, but I don't know if I should have.

Along with the Dinah, this was probably one of the highest performing planes of its type in the world during WWII. It was much more modern than other Japanese planes. It was big, fast, had long range, and was heavily armed. Some of them even bombed Pearl Harbor a second time, although no American noticed it. Lone American Liberators and Emilys would sometimes have duels if they met while on patrol. One was brought to the US after the war for evaluation.

Appears in an episode of "You're Under Arrest". I believe the plane portrayed is an actual restored one in Japan. See the walkaround links below for photos of it.

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