My Travels 2000-2002

I've been busy with my Japanese class at UCLA and work. I did make it up to San Jose to catch the Sunday part of Fanime 2001 and I visited the Chinese and Japanese gardens in San Jose. Sorry, only one cosplay photo. By Monday I realized that I'd forgotten to reset my watch so I'd been out of synch with the world by an hour. No wonder the con ended an hour early! I also made my annual wine run through Paso Robles and then traversed over to Bakersfield to visit my cousins. While I was there I also visited the heritage museum. On the way home I stopped at the Simeon Wiesenthal Museum where they were showing an important Japanese made film on the atrocities committed by Unit 731 during World War II. I had my picture taken with Kondo-sama, the brave journalist who made the film. After the showing he described the difficulties he had making the film and getting it accepted in Japan. I asked him about threats and he said he is constantly receiving phone threats from the far right in Japan.

On March 18 I saw the LA performance of the Kikunokai folk dance troupe from Japan. I was able to take pictures of the cast after the performance. Before that I'd attended two of the wonderful and free Japanese classical dance recitals in the Doizaki Gallery of the JACCC in LA. One of the performances also included a tea ceremony.

On March 17 I went on a hike starting from Ocean Trails Golf Course on the south side of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. There is an incredible view there and we had a beautiful day.

To start off 2001 a short gallery of oshogatsu events around LA including the JANM, Weller Court, and the JACCC.

Here's wrap-up gallery from the end of the year, including Japan Expo,(separate gallery) my bike ride to Solana Beach, and so on.

One more thing I did before the end of the year was a trip to the Norton Simon art museum in Pasadena.

On the way to Animagic in Lancaster I finally got into Edwards AFB

The Pacific Asia Museum in Pasadena has special events each month. One I attended was about the culture of Mynamar.

I've been to three obon festivals, Comicon in San Diego (also saw Henry V at the Old Globe and the Topkapi exhibit at the SD Museum of Art), and an APPA picnic.Nisei Week wraps up the Obon season in LA.

The beginning of July I went to Anime Expo 2000 at the Disneyland Hotel. I kind of went crazy with my camera gear and here are over 100 photos organized into three galleries. It was a little on the crowded side, but the Cosplayers were definitely out in force. [After buying a new scanner, I decided to reduce the number of photos and concentrate on a few with higher quality]:

Check here for some photos from around LA and a business trip to San Jose, a walk through Elysian Park, a trip to the downtown LA Library, and what's on some of my shelves at home!

March 12 I went to see the Forbidden City Exhibit at the Bowers Museum. The day before I went to LACMA to see the prints from the Price Collection in the Japanese Pavilion.

The last weekend in April I attended the LA Festival of Books, a recital by soprano Keiko Takeshita in Torrance, and a performance of "Uncle Gunjiro's Girlfriend" at the Japan America Theater. I also went to Tokyo Night to see what Japanese college students look like. They're just like the ones in the Japanese soap operas on TV!

April I attended a salon concert by soprano Hiroko Ide at the JACCC and during intermission I went downstairs to see the Hanamatsuri exhibit and take some pictures in the plaza. Yoshizawa sensei was kind enough to pose for a photo.

In April I also went to see the Monterey Park Cherry Blossom Festival 2000 and I saw the Pacific Film Currents (Patty Kinaga) film on breast cancer and APs.

Early April I took a bicycle ride on my Super V up to Montecito Heights and down to Heritage Square to scout out an urban hike I'm doing for the Hiking Club.

I finally did the Tour de Sewer one more time on the Super V. My fork shock went out right before the beginning of the ride, but I took it back to Helen's after the ride and they fixed it under warranty.

Feb 25 I went up to Fanime 2K in Santa Clarita and did some wine tasting in Paso Robles afterwards.

Feb. 2 I took a trip on my Impreza up to the , San Francisco and then over to Angel Island off Tiburon. At Alameda I took a tour of the carrier Hornet after attending the APE independent comic book show and I visited San Simeon on the way home.

I finally made it to the LA Car Show. Nothing too much interesting there. My Impreza still looks the same.

I've been sick with the flu or bronchitis since Thanksgiving, but I did get to the Japan Expo and the the New Year celebrations in Little Tokyo, LA. The links take you to my photos.

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