2007 Suzuki 1250 Bandit ABS

This is sort of the 455 Buick of bikes. The salient feature of this bike is a big engine that is short on max horsepower, but has plenty of torque, starting way down there. Handles fairly well for what it is, and has ABS. The only major complaint was weird handlebar ergos. This took a lot of work, finally requiring a set of 45 deg. handlebar risers (SW-Motech) in combination with a new set of Holeshot handlebars. Also decided to get the seat recovered with gel pads and stuffed a 1/2" higher. Yes, the saddle can also be adjusted up, but I decided to go this route. The stock riding position was cramped even for my short legs. Now, I'm happy. Also grafted on a Laminar Lip meant for an FZ-6 onto the windscreen to make the airflow livable. Getting the right Laminar Lip might be better, but I'm too cheap.

This bike also inherited the PLX saddlebags from the FZ-6, as well as the axle protectors. Sliders are SW-Motech, and are quite nice, and unfortunately, I got to test them in a semi-static fall. Also added a rear tire hugger from England via eBay and a SW-Motech radiator protector since Suzuki sells their bikes with completely naked radiators.

Mileage in town is 43mpg and I still have to take it on a long trip. No buyer remorse at all.

Last Update: 27 December, 2007
Web Author: Doug Ikemi