2007 Yamaha R6S

This is the bike the FZ-6 should have been, except for the handlebars. This bike is a 2003-2005 R6, and so is a user friendly R6.

Strangely, at speed this bike is less buzzy than the FZ6 at speed. Except for the handlebars, it's actually more pleasant to ride.  The clutch engagement is much broader, making the bike easier to ride. However, the seat is pretty high, I eventually dropped it at an intersection so I decided it was time to add lowering links. I don't ride hard so I won't miss the cornering clearance. After starting to break in, mileage is getting to 47 mpg.


Saddleman seat. On this mone they did a great job and feels wonderful.
Sliders, including a clutch cover slider. Except for the clutch cover slider, these were installed at the dealer when I bought the bike.
Fore and aft axle sliders from
Genmar handlebar risers. Didn't look that solid, but I dropped the forks 1" in the triple clamps to complement the lowering links, so teh Genmars became just spacers.
Lowering links bought off ebay Going to add my installation photos These are the triangular type.
Laminar Lip - this actually works and makes the bike survivable.

Last Update: 27 December, 2007
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