1976 BMW R90/6 (photos)

This is the one I let get away. The one bike I wish I still had.

This was the first of the "modern" BMW motorcycles. This is the one I rode across the country, from Los Angeles to Nova Scotia.

Good heavy chrome and thick paint, although with those ugly rubber tank pads. Fork brace helped a lot and the machined aluminum upper triple clamp not so much.

These bikes were pretty reliable for their time, but they did suffer from learking rear main seals and final drives that wore out around 60,000 miles. At the time, they were way ahead of the competition.

The transmissions were notoriously clunky, but seemed to be able to take it. You also got used to riding with one foot ahead of the other.

A typical hop up trick was to replace the stock coils with big American coils. One problem with these bike was that they often outlived their accessories.

Last Update: 26 July, 2008
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