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This will be a list of some of Japanese animations, movies, OVAs, and TV series that I happen to like and what little I know about them. I won't bother commenting on the films of Miyazaki because there are some very nice web sites on his films. Films such as Totoro and Whisper of the Heart rank in my top 10. Spoilers ahead.

  • Here are some descriptions of animated films I had some interest in

    Some day I'll add links for all of them. Some Spoilers ahead.
    I also have some comments on anime heroines at Princesses.

    • Abenobashi Magical Shopping District. The guys from GAINAX go completely out of control in a 13 episode series that will never be shown on American broadcast TV. A run down shopping district turns out to be the hitherto sealed gateway to parallel dimensions. Early teen boy and girl are get lost among the dimensions and try to find their way home. The first episode looks relatively save but after that good taste is thrown to the winds and there is sure to be something to offend everyone. Recurring characters among the dimensions are a mysterious hooded man, a trouble-making goblin, and a Kenji Tsuruta girl with half frame glasses and an extremely large bosom who seems to be a little opportunistic (No Spirit of Wonder here.)
    • Animated Classics of Japanese Literature. Some of these are really good, although the complaint has been made that the animation is rather basic. Some of these are finally coming out on DVD. (2-28-2003)
      • A Roadside Story
      • Asunaro Story, The Story of Koyasu Dog
      • Botchan
      • Tale of Shunkin, Friendship, I read the book and it's pretty intense.
      • Harp of Burma , Parts 1 and 2; I also have the book and there is a live action movie . One of my favorites.
      • The Wind Rises; The Fruit of Olympus
      • The Martyr; The Priest of Mt. Kouya
      • The Incident in the Bedroom Suburb; Voice from Heaven
    I finally decided to make a list of shows I've seen and either disliked or felt weren't worth a mention.

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