Princesses who came to bad ends,

but not for anything they'd done. Well, they didn't all come to bad ends, but they were at least disappointed. Well, some weren't disappointed at all.
This page could also be titled, Heroines from Antiquity, Fantasy, Literature, and Real Life
This page is a mishmash of fiction, history, silliness, and seriousness. To give the loser gender some air time, there is a page called Ein Heldenleben.

First of all, princesses from antiquity.

Robots or Fabricated Women

(Mainly from the world of anime.)
Now for something completely different and not quite as heavy. Automatons made in the likeness of females, from the worlds of anime, manga, and science fiction. It all started with Helen O'Loy. This list isn't meant to be definitive; just the ones I like. Plenty of spoilers ahead.

Well, might as well go to the world of Literature. Finally, how about some modern real-life heroines:
Dickens' characters page

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