Waipio to Waimanu Valley

Big Island

August 7-9, 2003

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At the final water crossing in Waipio Valley, on my way back from Waimanu Valley, I was careless and nearly drowned
where the river empties in the ocean. However, a surfer girl helped me out there. Thanks again!! About 2 pictures before the sign are shots of the area where I nearly met my doom. After backpacking out I came back the next day on just a day hike to explore the Waipio Valley itself, which is presented as the first group of photos. The actual backpacking trip photos start from the Waipio Valley Art Center photo. I spent one night on the beach at Waimanu and one night at the trail shelter. It does rain a lot there. In 1997 I thought it was raining a lot just because it was that time of the year. From the Art Center, where you have to park, it's about 10 miles to Waimanu.